Chapter 1 – Meeting:


I always wanted to be a selfish person. It all started when I was seven, I fought with a kid next street over a candy but thought then thought that I should be kind and virtuous, so I gave it up. What happened? The kid ate it and then boasted to others that I lost the fight, and so I gave up the candy.

That’s when I decided never to sacrifice anything for others. Don’t take lightly of a kid’s decision. That year as I resolved myself to become the most selfish person in the world who’ll always put himself before others, I, Grey would certainly have done that if not for her.

Since I decided to be the most selfish person, I thought that I should start doing selfish things. But what was being selfish? I first asked my mother. My mom looked at me with a curious gaze and said, “A selfish man doesn’t let anyone take advantage of his family.”

What? Why would he bother doing something like that? That’s not right. So I asked my father. My dad looked at me and said in a serious voice, “Your mom is correct, you should never let anyone take advantage of your family.”

And again, I didn’t understand. So I asked my grandfather. This time, however, my grandpa looked at me and wondered why I want to be a selfish person?

When I told him my reason, he laughed and said that I misunderstood. I was confused. What? Didn’t selfish people get to keep everything to themselves? Grandpa shook his head and replied, “No, strong people get to keep everything. So you’ve to be strong. Even if you aren’t, you should never give up.”

I didn’t understand my grandpa, my father, and my mother. But I understood that being selfish wasn’t bad because none of them scolded me when I said I want to be selfish. So I started being selfish.

The teacher asked me to share my eraser, and I refused. When asked for the reason? I said that I don’t want to. Some thought that I was petty but who cares. The girl beside me looked at me and snorted. I got angry to the point that I threw a rock at her. The teacher scolded me again and said that I shouldn’t do that but who cares.

By the time I was nine, I was a bully who sparked fear in kids and teachers alike. The teachers wanted to reform me, but they couldn’t punish me. Why? Forget about punishment assignments; I refused to do any homework. And the more they scolded me, the more I would bully other students. It was a form of anger management therapy for me. 

Seeing that it was impossible to change me, the class teacher visited my mother but returned with a dejected face after some tea and snacks. My father somehow found out about this incident and shouted at me, but I quickly hid behind grandpa. I think that the bitch called my dad else how would he know, mom would never tell dad.

Grandpa always had my back. As the only grandson who had to pass on the family name, he pampered me and loved me with all his heart. As a dutiful son, my father could only watch in helplessness as I hid behind grandpa, and my mother would smile a little at our daily drama. Of course, I repaid my teacher next day by drawing with crayons on the blackboard.

I was eleven when she moved next door. We lived in an apartment complex. It was neither big nor small, just an average household. She was nine and a little bit shy when her grandmother brought her to my house to introduce herself.

I was in the living room playing with my PSP when she came in. As selfish as I was, I didn’t spare another glance at her. But my mother dragged me and introduced me to her. I was already in fifth grade, and she wanted me to look after the girl who’ll soon start her third grade.

I snorted. Why should I look after a girl? What do I get? My mother watched me helplessly but promised the next door granny that I will take care of her.

I didn’t think about it anymore and returned to my game. The girl sat a little distance away by her grandmother’s side, but she was watching me with sparkling eyes. She watched the characters on the small screen move as I pressed different buttons.

It annoyed me, and I wanted to scold her, but as I looked at her, she was staring back at me with sparkling eyes. I couldn’t bear to scold her, and somehow it felt good being the recipient of such admiration, so I decided to teach her instead.

When I held out my PSP for her, my mother almost gasped in shock. I never shared anything because I was selfish. She coughed and looked at my back in wonder, then glanced at the girl and a smile formed on her face. I felt irritated at her and called her an old hag. But, she smiled further, and that somehow irritated me more.

The girl had at some point took the PSP and started pressing different buttons. It was a fighting game, and soon she lost. A look of despair could be seen on her face, and she looked at me as if pleading me to give her one more chance.

I magnanimously told her that I would give her as many chances she wanted. She giggled and hugged my arm. Why did it feel so good? But soon she was looking at me again with those puppy dog eyes because she couldn’t win no matter what she did.

Of course, she couldn’t win as she didn’t know how to control the characters. But, I told her that I would teach her. Her eyes, as she looked at me, were filled with wonder and admiration, she looked at me as if I was a God and my pride rose to the point that I declared then and there that I will teach her everything I know about games.

That was how I first met Mai.


Author note: Hey everyone, this is my second work. My first work is The Arcane Archives which is currently running. This work of mine is intended to be fluffy, short and sweet. It is written in first person perspective which isn’t my usual style.

But, I enjoyed it very much. The chapters will be at this length.

Sweet, short and fluffy.

Let’s enjoy this ride of Mai and Grey.

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Have a nice day bud,


Chapter 2 – Her Most Important Person

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